Online booking system to save your time and money
Simple Online booking solution for your business
Online booking to save your time and money
Simple Online booking for your business
About Krasa
CRM Krasa — software, that frees you from routine and does everything what's needed. Connect online booking, widget, automated client reminders and accounting right now!

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Our services
Start saving your time and money right now!
It will take 30 minutes.
Creating appointments in 20 seconds!
Our online schedule makes it easy to keep the work timetables, quickly create and change the appointments. Automated reminders inform your clients about appointments as well as any changes.
Online booking will free you even from this
Every Krasa plan includes: personal widget for online booking (for your instagram account or web-site) and free online booking on Krasa App for your clients.
Finance and analytics will be counted automatically
Financial reports and business analysis are created automatically in Krasa. Using this information you can improve the efficiency of your business and increase the profit up to 150%.
Now available on ALL devices
CRM Krasa is available not only on computer or tablet, but on any smartphone. We have done our best for your convenience and mobility. Mobile app coming soon!
Make your business easier and more efficient
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What will our CRM change for you?
  • Save up to 30 hours of your working time monthly
    CRM Krasa automates everything that can be automated. Online booking via widget and reminders to clients about their appointments will save a lot of time for earning money or for your family.
  • Help in finance accounting
    Based on booking and services data the software will help to figure out your earnings for any period. Financial data is available for you only!
  • Make your business more efficient
    Simple analytics will pointedly demonstrate what services are more demanded and what are not, why clients have stopped visiting you and how to get them back.
Why are we the best?
Reliability and availability
CRM Krasa uses the most advanced and secured
technologies and is designed taking into account the predecessors' mistakes. We store all the users' data in a closed encrypted form, the stability of the system is one of the most important priorities for us.
Easy to connect
You can connect to Krasa and get work started in 10 minutes. There is no need to call anyone for learning, all the instructions are built into the system and will help you to learn in process.
Unlimited clients reminders and online booking
We do not have any restrictions on the number of appointments or reminders for your clients. Everything works automatically, without restrictions and is included in the price.
Who already works with us
6 month of subscription for free
What is next?
For individuals and startups
up to 4 beauty-masters
For small beauty salons (up to 9 beauty-masters)
For big business (more than 10 beaty-masters)
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we are happy to answer all your questions